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by srdjan
Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:56 am
Forum: Installation and Upgrade
Topic: Upgrade failed mail migration
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Upgrade failed mail migration

Hi, we have zimbra 8.8.15 ose, and 10 days ago we have been attacked with some kind of miner, resulting in total crash of our server , we tried to reinstall zimbra, but installer crashed... In the meantime solution was to put online last copy of our server which was 20 days question is, is t...
by srdjan
Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:37 am
Forum: Administrators
Topic: Connection Timed Out / Possible hack
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Connection Timed Out / Possible hack

Hi, we are experiencing strange behavior from Zimbra, since this morning we are getting connection timed out , from desktop client and from web GUI, also we are getting error all ports are bussy... After some investigation when i run "netstat -nap | grep TIME_WAIT" i see strange ip adresse...

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