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by kirme3
Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:56 am
Forum: Users
Topic: [SOLVED] download email from external pop server
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[SOLVED] download email from external pop server

Already available...should have been able to find it in features somewhere....
- Goto Preferences->Accounts->Add External Account

Choose if you want POP or IMAP and fill in your info. Viola!
by kirme3
Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:27 pm
Forum: Administrators
Topic: Account Ghosts
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Account Ghosts

What happens when you do the following as zimbra user: mysql connect zimbra select * from mailbox where account_id="e50ca357-cb30-4340-957d-678b7c215816";My guess is you will get a line with the comment as the users email address and an id of 74. You will probably need to manually clean up...
by kirme3
Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:10 pm
Forum: Users
Topic: Why Zimbra so expensive?
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Why Zimbra so expensive?

Just my own 2 cents, I currently run a Zimbra system with 35,000+ accounts and I also run and Exchange system with around 1,000 accounts.Here is the Hardware- Zimbra, ZCS 4.5.6 NE: OSX 2 PPC 2.5 GHz Proc 4 Gb Mem 5 Mailstores 2 LDAP 3 MTAExchange 2003 1 Dell Server clustered to a 2nd using Neverfail...
by kirme3
Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:47 pm
Forum: Zimbra Connector for Outlook
Topic: Zimbra with Outlook 2003 and IE7 Help
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Zimbra with Outlook 2003 and IE7 Help

I assume you have checke dthe default program settings(through Internet Options in Control Panel) to make sure the Outlook is indeed the default mail editor.
If not, open Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab. By the way, is the person using Vista or XP?
by kirme3
Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:51 am
Forum: Administrators
Topic: restore to specifiv incr backup.
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restore to specifiv incr backup.

zmrestore with -restoreToIncrLabel option
by kirme3
Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:42 am
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Topic: Untagged messages appearing in spam folder
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Untagged messages appearing in spam folder

You can check /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log to see if any of the accounts in question are getting logged in via imap. It's no guarantee to say they are moving the files, but it will be a step in some sort of direction.
by kirme3
Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:16 am
Forum: Administrators
Topic: Disable local delivery
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Disable local delivery

easy ;)
zmprov gaa -v | grep -e uid: -e zimbraPrefMailLocalDeliveryDisabled | grep -B1 TRUE | grep -e uid:
by kirme3
Thu Nov 15, 2007 1:21 pm
Forum: Installation and Upgrade
Topic: Loading 2 Zimbra accounts in Outlook 2003
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Loading 2 Zimbra accounts in Outlook 2003

I'm not sure, but I would assume no. It's like trying to check 2 Exchange accounts with outlook. It won't let you do 2 MAPI sessions at once. You can set 1 up as Zimbra and 1 up as IMAP. But, I assume you want the Calendars...etc...
by kirme3
Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:41 pm
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Topic: External ldap, friend or foe?
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External ldap, friend or foe?

Using external ldap for Zimbra authentication definitely works. However, it would be up to you to figure out how to have user's auto created in Zimbra. The usual recommended option is to have the ldap server do a SOAP call to the Zimbra server to create new users as is needed. Another option is ...
by kirme3
Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:37 pm
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Topic: zmrestore query
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zmrestore query

I believe the restore goes to only where the account was at that point in time. Any new messages are lost...someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I usually restore to a new account and imapsync the missing message(s) to the users account. I then delete the restored account.

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