GAL/ Single AD user / Multiple email addresses

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GAL/ Single AD user / Multiple email addresses

Postby svasi » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:58 am

Hi all.
My setup has two domains MAILDOMAIN1.COM and MAILDOMAIN2.COm.
On our infrastructure there is a single active directory server used to to authenticate my colleagues to Zimbra and other internal services.
Active directory knows users, same account for both maildomains, and has mail attribute set to MAILDOMAIN1.COM
I've set up zimbra to show GAL from Active Directory and I'm able to get these AD user attributes:

Name, Surname, Phone, email address

What I'm trying to achieve, without success, this:

1) Logging in Zimbra as user1@MAILDOMAIN1.COM user see in GAL only users@MAILDOMAIN1.COM with their MAILDOMAIN1 email address.
2) Logging in Zimbra as user1@MAILDOMAIN2.COM user see in GAL only users@MAILDOMAIN2.COM with their MAILDOMAIN2 email address.

In my setup I can filter GAL to specific groups (eg. MAILDOMAIN1 or MAILDOMAIN2) where users belongs to but on GAL i see the LDAP mail attribute as is on AD.

Is there a way to replace domain related informations coming from LDAP email attribute with the domain where the users is logged in?

Or any other idea to achieve this?


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