Reinstall Zimbra as internal only after catastrophic failure

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Reinstall Zimbra as internal only after catastrophic failure

Postby WMSAdmin » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:56 pm

Hello all,

We recently had an unrecoverable catastrophic failure on the server cluster that ran our Zimbra server. The failure happened literally as I was backing up the Zimbra server (of course right?). Since we are using the free version, the backup is by rsync, and it crashed during the backup of the object store, so we undoubtedly lost entire mailboxes, but I do have a partial backup of most of the mailboxes.

We have since migrated our email services to a hosted service (O365).

What I am trying to do is rebuild our Zimbra server as an internally accessible only type server, without the ability to actually send and receive email, but just so users can log in to their old Zimbra accounts and pull up old emails. I am a complete newbie at Zimbra, and so far I have been trying to spin up a new Zimbra server using the backup files that I got from rsync, bumbling around the internet trying to read guides on setting up Zimbra and trying to piece together what I'm doing using different guides. So far I haven't had much luck. I am mostly getting issues with certificates and LDAP (which I thought I got running and didn't), also our MX record has changed to the new hosted platform, so I'm not sure what to change that to or make a new on on our local DNS, something like oldmail.domain.local?

Does anyone have any suggestions or something where I can go from a guide but "do this instead of that" type suggestions?

This was Zimbra 8.7.0 for Ubuntu, it was running on 16.04 previously and that's what I am running now to try to duplicate as closely as I can the original setup.

Many thanks to anyone who can help in advance,

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