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UI bugs in 8.8.x

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:17 pm
by Klug
Hi all,

we upgraded one server (8.6 to 8.8.8) and we're experiencing some UI issues, both on the webmail and admin side.
The upgrade was done by using the export/import method (we changed of server).

I'd like to know if other people see the same issues before opening bugs.

Put a flag on some mails of your inbox.
Order the mails of the inbox by flag.
The first mails you can see are actually the flagged ones (that's ok).
However, if you go down the list, the mail are now strangely ordered.
In 8.6, they were ordered by date.
Now, most of them are ordered by date but there are some 2017 or even 2016 mails in the middle of june 2018...
And some july/june 2018 mails down in the list.
Anyone seeing this?

It the admin UI now, if you look at the features in a COS, you can see the "New mail notification" feature.
However, this feature doesn't appear when you look at a user's feature list (admin UI)
It did appear in 8.6.
So you can not anymore (using the admin UI) enable/disable the notification email feature for a specific user.

Another problem about these notifications.
Some users have the notification activated, that was a special feature for some users, not a COS feature.
However, the checkbox and notification field do not appear anymore in the user's Preferences (webmail UI).
So users can not disable the notification nor change the notification email address...
Admins however can see/change the checkbox and email in the preferences tab of the user (admin UI).

Re: UI bugs in 8.8.x

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:01 pm
by davidkillingsworth
I am seeing a UI issue with 8.8.9, but I'm not sure if it happens in 8.8.8 because we went from 8.8.6 to 8.8.9.

Please see here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=64517#p284695