v8.8 Updates for non-core packages?

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v8.8 Updates for non-core packages?

Postby tonyg » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:42 pm

I understand that the new development plan is to offer quarterly updates, with patches as required leading up to quarterlies.
(Thanks for that!)

For the Open Source edition, what's the schedule and policy for non-core packages like ClamAV and SpamAssassin? ( Any others? ) Are these expected to be in patches if updates are available?

As a developer I completely understand the considerations. I just want to know what the expectations are here for the best possible experience.

As an example of the problem (which I'm sure experienced Zimbra admins recognize), Zimbra 8.8.9_GA (dated July) installs with ClamAV v0.99.4, which was released in March. The current version of ClamAV from April is 0.100.1.

- If the embedded package is seriously outdated by the time the quarterly update comes out then I'd like to know if updates will be in patches. 8.8.9.P1 and P2 don't have related updates.
- And if it's expected that we should have our own plan for the OS edition, I'd like to know what people are doing in v8.8+ to keep informed and current.

I have read notes about self-installing ClamAV (old and outdated), and of course there is the RSPAMD option to replace SA. At the moment I just want to understand what the recommended direction is. Then I'll consider replacements.


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