New java exceptions in logs after upgrade 8.8.9_P2 to 8.8.9_P3

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New java exceptions in logs after upgrade 8.8.9_P2 to 8.8.9_P3

Postby andrey.ivanov » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:17 pm

We have two new types of exceptions in mailboxd.log after upgrade 8.8.9_P2 -> 8.8.9_P3 (NE, CentOS7). One of them is described in the forum thread viewtopic.php?f=15&t=64708 and concerns exceptions during SearchRequests. To find them search the file mailboxd.log for the keyword isSortByReadFlag. We have about 1000 of these per day.

The second new type of exceptions concerns the index code, search for the keyword ZimbraHit to find them:

Code: Select all

grep 'index - Caught ServiceException trying to compare ZimbraHit' /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log

We have about 150000 of those per working day. They look like this :

Code: Select all

2018-08-24 10:01:33,636 INFO  [qtp1286783232-154439:https:] [name=some.user@my.zimbra.server;mid=10891;oip=;port=56774;ua=ZimbraWebClient - FF61 (Win)/8.8.9_GA_3019;soapId=1aa2d45c;] index - Caught ServiceException trying to compare ZimbraHit {"s":2956,"d":1528962759000,"l":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:2","cid":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:-12504","f":"r","rev":55606,"id":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:12504","su":"Date de master M4S","fr":"Ceci est un mail automatique, veuillez ne ...","cm":true,"e":[{"a":"internal_mail@our.domain","d":"toto","p":"toto via toto","t":"f"}],"sf":"0"} to ZimbraHit {"s":9100,"d":1529062749000,"l":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:2","cid":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:12521","f":"r","rev":55706,"id":"c30c521b-6e3b-479a-8d07-cfedd9ab7198:12520","su":"Inquiry about MSc. program","fr":"Dear Sirs: I hope this email finds you well. I am sending this to kindly ask about the masters program course language. I come from an English ...","cm":true,"e":[{"a":"","d":"John","p":"Jane Doe","t":"f"}],"sf":"0"}

It has appeared because of the changes in the file ./zm-mailbox/store/src/java/com/zimbra/cs/index/ at line 340 (diff from 8.8.9_P2 -> 8.8.9_P3) adding the new function protected static final int compareByReadFlag(boolean ascending, ZimbraHit lhs, ZimbraHit rhs). Part of the code generating this exception:

Code: Select all

+        try {
+            long left = getReadStatus(lhs);
+            long right = getReadStatus(rhs);
+            long result = right - left;
+            if (result > 0)
+                retVal = 1;
+            else if (result < 0)
+                retVal = -1;
+            else
+                retVal = 0;
+        } catch (ServiceException e) {
+  "Caught ServiceException trying to compare ZimbraHit %s to ZimbraHit %s",
+                lhs, rhs);
+            ZimbraLog.index.debug(e);
+        }

I've opened a Zimbra ticket concerning these two new bugs in Patch 3 of 8.8.9.

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