Finding SMTP auth IPs

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Finding SMTP auth IPs

Postby rsaeks » Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:39 pm

We frequently have an issue of people attempting to send mail through our server by guessing user passwords. Eventually this causes an account to get locked out. I'm looking at using fail2ban (currently works fine with web-based attempted logins - blocks IP after 5 attempts) for SMTP requests and am doing some testing to try and find the source IP, however I'm not having any luck in tracking down the source.

After testing an account here is what I'm seeing:

From zimbra.log:

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saslauthd[31634]: auth_zimbra: zmsupport auth failed: authentication failed for [zmsupport]

From audit.log:

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WARN  [qtp509886383-1554:] [;ip=;] security - cmd=Auth;; protocol=soap; error=authentication failed for [zmsupport], invalid password;

From mailbox.log:

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WARN [qtp509886383-1554:] [;ip=;] SoapEngine - handler exception: authentication failed for [zmsupport], invalid password

None of those have the source IP. Is there a different log file that would contain that information I'm not seeing?

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