Body not included on reply to all

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Body not included on reply to all

Postby Zuser » Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:10 pm


when searching for mails containing a string in the web interface, leaving the search tab open for a while, then hitting "reply all" the body of the message is not included. When doing a fresh search with the same string and hitting "reply all" the body is included.

Both "Include original message" options in Preferences/Mail/Compose Messages are set, the only difference is whether you leave the search tab sitting a while or not (and do other stuff with mail in the meantime, so I'm guessing some caching timeout is at play).

Is this a known issue and is it browser related or server side?

ZCS 8.6 with Chrome 54, no info on how long the time period needs to be for the problem to occur. Found a thread with a similar issue from 2014: ... ic=21288.0

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