Rspamd: A replacement for Spamassassin & Postscreen

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Re: Rspamd: A replacement for Spamassassin & Postscreen

Postby SEA80 » Thu May 10, 2018 2:57 pm

Since rspamd ver.1.7 we've got a great "quarantine_on_reject" option which tells MTA to quarantine high-scored-spam emails instead of rejecting it. I set this option to true, but zimbra rejecting these messages anyway. I think the problem is MTA can not receive or execute command to quarantine from rspamd.

I've tried to change zimbraAmavisFinalSpamDestiny to D_PASS, manually make a new variables $spam_admin and $spam_quarantine_to in, assign quarantine address using amavisVirusQuarantineTo, but I got no effect at all.
Next I tried to turn spamassassin service on again and increase spam tag & kill levels to their max values, but it doesn't work too.

Is anybody has an idea how to fix this?

UPDATE 2018-05-14
I decided to not use this rspamd feature because emails (not) goes to "hold" postfix queue. Such type of quarantine is more complicated to manage than just redirecting spam messages to special mailbox.

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