Zimbra Mixed Authentication with pre-existent accounts

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Zimbra Mixed Authentication with pre-existent accounts

Postby guigsilva » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:38 am

Hello Everybody!

We update zimbra to 8.7.11_GA_1854 (build 20170531151956) this weekend! Great work guys!
We install zimbra drive and chat, we already have a owncloud server in house and we are studying the possibility to integrate this 2 great solutions.
Our concerns are :
Actually Owncloud is authenticating on AD and Zimbra is authenticating on local LDAP. If we just activate the integration we will have 2 acccounts on OC for each user....
We read a lot os posts on this forum but can´t have sure about what will happen when we activate the AD auth on Zimbra...
Some post´s related that if the account exists on both ends Zimbra and AD it will first challenge local LDAP and both passwords works... This is the normal behavior?
If this is the normal so we can activate without problems... But if the passwords are synchronized we need to warn the users (I know nobody will read the mail and on the mourning our phone will be flooded, but we try...)

Thanks in advance,
Guilherme Gaspar

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