Zimbra 8.8.8 IMAP disconnects

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Zimbra 8.8.8 IMAP disconnects

Postby svetulcho » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:49 am

I've done clean installed of zimbra 8.8.8 on CentOS 7 and migradted to it our old mail server (postfix/dovecot). Around 400 accounts in 500GB mails. After we start using zimbra there are some random disconnects from IMAP. All IMAP clients complain from this type of problem.( Thunderbird and Outlook gives Disconnect) and apple mail shows following error:

The server returned the error: The attempt to read data from server "(null)" failed.

Searching through forum I found exactly same problem during beta stages of zimbra 8.8 but did not see solution.
I've checked every log of zimbra and during these disconnects which last for couple of minutes there is no meaningfull error in any of zimbra logs. I've tried using webmail and imap simultaneously and during these disconnects webmail interface does not have any problem accessing mail. I don't know about pop3 service, because I don't have pop3 users.

I'll be gratefull for any hints how to debug and solve this problem.

As I said, it's clean new install of zimbra 8.8 and CentOS 7.
There is no pending updates on the OS.
The OS is in LXC container with 32GB ram and 4 cores.
zimbraAdminImapImportNumThreads: 20
zimbraClamAVMaxThreads: 10
zimbraHttpNumThreads: 250
zimbraHttpSSLNumThreads: 50
zimbraImapNumThreads: 1600
zimbraLmtpNumThreads: 20
zimbraMilterNumThreads: 100
zimbraPop3NumThreads: 100
zimbraScheduledTaskNumThreads: 20

Kind Regards,
Svetozar Marinov

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