Zimbra WebClient Signature Not Support CID

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Zimbra WebClient Signature Not Support CID

Postby bonny » Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:07 pm

Hi all,
My name is Matteo and This is my first post, so i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to describe my problem.
I have Zimbra 8.7.4 from about 2 Years, and now (after a lot of bug and issues with Outlook/IMAP) i've convinced my company to change Outlook Client with Zimbra WebClient.
After migration of calendar/ pec configuration / shared mailbox etc. I'm stalling in signatures configuration. :cry:
The main problem is embed my company logo!!. If i load it through the WebClient (Preferences > Signatures) ZImbra load my image in the briefcase and add an html "<img src.." tag that refer to the briefcase URI.
So, in this way, all my Recipients cannot view the image because the Mailbox Server is not exposed externally. But this is not a problem, i've already loaded it in a public file Server - problem fixed for a very small number of client. This is normal because every client must download the image from an external source and ask "if Download it".
I've tried to embed it in base64, but the result is worst of the above scenario.
So, finally the only method that really works (even with Outlook) is to embed it in CID (unlike what said in many sites).
From what i know, Because there is no control in the message header is impossible to retrieve the "boundaries-name" and try to apply a CID in the body of message. But this behavior is expected with every client.
The strange thing is that, if i copy an image during the message composition, Zimbra correctly integrate it in CID and all recipients can view it. So, Zimbra can easily manage images embedded in CID.
Why this is not possible from the "Signatures configuration Page"?? :cry:
How you can manage this issue?

Sorry for my English and Thanks in Advance.

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