zmmboxmove stranded accounts

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zmmboxmove stranded accounts

Postby gabrieles » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:59 am

is there another way to unlock a stranded account, different from restarting?
I have a customer with high account numbers and a restart is always the last of the last options and must be scheduled far in advance.

I've found a new attribute (since 8.7) that seems fit: zimbraMailboxMoveFailedCleanupTaskInterval
This attribute is used in the case of a failed mailbox move. It
indicates the delay before the cleanup task is executed for the first
time. It also indicates the time interval at which the cleanup task
will be re-run in case cleanup does not take place in first attempt.

By default is set to 20 minutes, and maybe for this i can't find anything strange in the /opt/zimbra/backup/tmp/mboxmove/ directory. Probably it has been purged from the "stranded" account subdirs.
A zmmboxmovequery, gives all ok on the destination server, but on the starting server:

Code: Select all

Type: move-out
To: (stranded)
Started: Wed, 2018/07/04 08:27:30.854 CEST

Type: move-out
To: (stranded)
Started: Tue, 2018/07/03 07:50:25.199 CEST

What is and how works the cleanup task mentioned in the zimbraMailboxMoveFailedCleanupTaskInterval attribute description? Can it be run manually?

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