Problem with unreasonable virtual_alias_maps map nesting

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Problem with unreasonable virtual_alias_maps map nesting

Postby lisek » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:33 am


I have pretty good working zimbra configuration of zimbra. Recently I've noticed some problem:

If someone sends e-mail to address that is wrong in log I can see

unreasonable virtual_alias_maps map nesting for

It was never any issue, but As far as i know this replies 4.6.0 Alias expansion error

Shouldn't it return something else? Like account unavailable or something similar?

It creates problem when something like this happens:

Someone creates e-mail and sends it to two addresses: one proper, and one inproper.

Mail to:,

When it gets to my server in log I can see:

NOQUEUE: that massage to proper address is sent to amavis
MSGID: that message to inproper address is sent to amavis.

After that, i get this:

unreasonable virtual_alias_maps map nesting for

Message with proper address should be delivered to But it's not. It completely disappears. I can see that it was scanned by cbpolicyd and passed, and it disappears completely without any log what happened to it.

But if this incorrectaddress will be corrected, e-mail will land on both accounts.

Also if correctaddress is account - it is delivered. But if it's an alias to other account it's not.

I really need to fix this, i need to be sure, that if sender sends e-mails to my server with one misspelled letter in account, anyone except this one wrong account will receive this mail.

Hope it's readable :)
Any help will be very appreciated since i didn't found any information how to fight this on zimbra.

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