Help Rewriting Subjects For All Messages Sent to Specific Domain.

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Help Rewriting Subjects For All Messages Sent to Specific Domain.

Postby david.wild » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:02 pm

let me start with all the standard disclaimers... I'm ok but not great w/ the zimbra server and it's CLI and w/ Linux, ours is a Ubuntu install by the by. Also, If this is in the wrong category please forgive me that as well.

now on to my Issue.

I'd like to elicit some help in rewriting the subject line for all messages being sent to a given domain.
Our email environment relays all messaging both inbound and outbound through a third party appliance which handles anti-spam, antivirus and encryption services.
For the most part when we need to send an encrypted message we add #secure# to the subject line and the appliance handles everything,
but now things have gotten complicated...
One of our partners has mandated that we establish a TLS tunnel with them and stop using the third party encryption service. The tunnel was easy to do.
what I need to do now is interdict the messages routed to and remove the #secure# from the subject line.

If what i need is possible, can someone among you brilliant folk help out with this process please?

thanks for your help and understanding.

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