Account Alias, and "on Behalf of"

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Account Alias, and "on Behalf of"

Postby tonyg » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:50 pm

My brand-spankin-new Zimbra installation is now supporting four domains - thanks all! :) I'm still in test mode with domains that aren't too important, but this is a huge step, and I'm moving forward slowly as necessity requires and time permits.

I apologize, as I know this question has been asked before but a forum search has not turned up a solution.

I now have a domain with an account, and that account has one alias. This account is called "systems@" which doesn't ever need to be exposed to the world. The alias "notifications@" will be used in various websites and programs to send email via this domain on events of interest. I will create other alias names for systems@, to brand/personalize the From address for specific purposes.

I've created a personality with address notifications@ and provided a related From and Reply-To name.
Email sent from the Zimbra UI shows these headers:

Code: Select all

Return-Path: <systems@
Sender: <systems@
From: Notifications <notifications@
Reply-To: Notifications <notifications@

So the recipient sees "systems@.... on behalf of Notications <notifications@...>
The goal is to entirely mask the nature of the systems@ account. The purpose of this parent/container account is to provide a single signon to receive/send from all related aliases. It makes sense that the Sender is systems@, which is the actual account. But as others have noted I want other addresses to share this account for receiving responses, bounces, etc, if any are sent.

I would be happy to create delegates, forwarding accounts, resources, or whatever is required to accomplish the goal. With no experience with those features yet, I'm not sure which feature provides the best solution for this problem. Prior to Zimbra my experience has been (and I'm looking at headers right now) that an email to a recipient doesn't need to include the actual MTA account ID, the Return-Path can be the alias, and either the Sender header isn't even required or my recipient MUA (GMail) is stripping that header so recipients don't see it.


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