Mail Unreadable - Chinese Fonts

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Mail Unreadable - Chinese Fonts

Postby Teampouce » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:51 pm

Dear All,

I'm facing a strange issue when users received email, they got sometine mail with unreadable font like chinese font, please find a short example of what it looks like below :

> 格浴ス惓㩳㵶滓懿딀橠狿甀痿᣿橝勿汻黿뻿ᾍ擺泿߿橝蟿澃䇿䥜猀폸獠漺딽ョa悵ェrオオ崘ェ筒ャ゙趾﨟、ャ崇ェ莇掫ザ゙・㩥セー鮑ノ「平惓㩳

I've updated ZCO to latest one.

Workstation : Win 10 / Outlook 2016 / Latest ZCO
Zimbra Server : 8.6.0 patch 13

Does someone also facing this kind of issue ?

How could I solve it ?

Any help would be appreciate

Thanks in advance

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