Busted Admin Interface

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Busted Admin Interface

Postby kollross » Thu Apr 13, 2006 10:34 am

I've posted about this before but it was somewhat generic so I would be more specific.
This started for me with M3 then continued through M4 and GA. Basically what happens is that the zimbra admin interface loads properly (minus the zimbra error when i initiall log in "Server error encountered" but i've pretty much always received since M1.
Anyways the login works ok however if i try to add a user or and alias it then brings up the box where is were to enter the address and then select the domain from drop down menu. Here is the problem, the drop down menu doesn't work. I can click on it but it only highlights the drop down.
First thought was it was browser related (Firefox OS X Tiger 10.4.6) so I went to a XP box with IE 6. That would actually give me a drop down menu but i'm only see the last 4 domains or so and i can not scroll.
I have a second zimbra machine (personal) which i use the same browsers on (Firefox OSX) and that has no problem so I believe its related to this specific machine ONLY. I figured when it initially broke it was just a problem with the install. However after later upgrades (2 to be specific) I still see the the thing is still broke. Any ideas whats busted here so I can try to fix it. I dont think this is a wide spread issue i just think its jacked install on my machine. But its somewhat a pain in the butt not being able to add clients through the interface. Luckily we wrote our own soap calls in php so we can still add users.
If anyone knows maybe something I can try to get the ajax, java, etc to work properly that would be much appreciated.

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