Python-Zimbra reaches v2.0 stable

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Python-Zimbra reaches v2.0 stable

Postby ploeger » Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:39 am


Because there were no bug reports for v2.0-rc1, I moved on to calling it v2.0 stable.

You can get it from the releases page of its github repository and on pypi.

Here are the release notes again:

  • Full Python 2 / Python 3 - compatibility

  • Many, many bug fixes

  • Enhanced testing suite

  • Travis CI and coveralls are used in development now

  • 100% code coverage (Yay!)

  • Added files for setuptools

  • Added tool for Zimbra-dict-handling

  • Updated docs

  • WARNING: These may break existing installations:

    • Added forced use of TLSv1 in Python 2

    • Removed xml namespaces

    • ResponseXml now returns the first childs from Head and Body on get_head and get_body, just as ResponseJson does.

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