Invisible address book

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Invisible address book

Postby theoriginalbob » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:09 am

I've tried to work with Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1 email client for a month now. I was encouraged to find a Windows client that was easy to set up, had a modern interface, and a replacement for tried-and-true Thunderbird. I really liked it for the most part and wanted to continue but for a couple of issues. I can't seem to have a visible address book. I imported all my Google contacts in, and there they all were listed in the address book under contacts. But when I close ZD and then restart it later, only the last three contacts I manually entered show up no matter what address book I try to select. And yet, the contacts are somewhere because if I compose a new email and start to type a contact name in, I get the automatic entry in the To field. When I tried to print or export the address book, only those three manual entries are exported.

The other issue is a feature nit, but would like to be able to insert images in-line with a direct action button rather than multiple steps through the menu (which was not intuitive).

Zimbra, I wanted to love you, but it's back to T-Bird. Judging from the dates on most of the forum posts and infrequent updates and seeming lack of developer response, I'm not certain that this is a viable program. I do appreciate the effort and understand the complexities of supporting multiple operating environments.

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