Outlook Mac os + Ews + Shared Calendars = Unwanted senders

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Outlook Mac os + Ews + Shared Calendars = Unwanted senders

Postby devit-Gianluca » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:22 pm


an our customer is using Outlook, Mac Os version, with Ews to connect to Zimbra.

Today we encountered a strange problem: two separated users have a shared calendar activated through Zimbra Web. They share this calendar only, no ther data and most of all they do not delegate each other as sender. Despite of this in Outlook both of them have each other email address as sender option to select during the composition of a new email. This doesn't happen in Zimbra Web for the same users.

Do you know if this is a normal behaviour for Ews? We need absolutely to avoid this problem.

Thanks, regards


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