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An introduction to Zimbra Backup Plus

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:34 pm
by Cine

General Information
Zimbra Backup Plus is one of the modules of Zimbra Suite Plus.
Featuring a cutting-edge, real-time engine, Zimbra Backup Plus backs up every single item and event on your server with split-second precision.
It is specifically designed to avoid data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space using an intelligent deduplication and compression system.

Main features
  • Optimized backup storage: thanks to compression and deduplication, the size of your backup storage is much lower than your live data's.
  • Designed around you: tweaked to suit the needs of real world cases thanks to features like Share Consistency, Smart Storage and OS/Architecture/Version independence.
  • Realtime Backup Engine: new items and changes are backed up in real-time, with split-second precision.
  • Live Restore modes: 6 different restore modes, from Item Restore to Disaster Recovery, all 100% transparent to the end user.
  • Quick disaster response: Get back online in a few clicks after a disaster event.
  • Seamlessly Integrated into the Zimbra Administration Console: your backup and restores are one click away.

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