Support for NC 17?

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Support for NC 17?

Postby svalavuo » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:48 pm


Is there a plan to support NextCloud 17?
I'm hosting my own and our Lions Clubs environment and we have Nextcloud 16 now and Zimbra (of course) 8.8.12.
We use Zimbra account to authenticate to every service I have found useful/funny/interesting (Nextcloud via ZimbraDrive, BigBlueButton, self made meeting journal generator, ...).

NextCloud wants to upgrade to version 17, but ZimbraDrive is the only plugin that won't do it.
Upgrading to 16 was a pain (because official version of Zimbra Drive isn't there) and that's why I hesitate upgrading to 17.

Will there be a official version of Zimbra Drive to NextCloud 17?

- Samuli

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