[FIXED] An error occurred on getting Drive folders

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Re: [FIXED] An error occurred on getting Drive folders

Postby dilipsingh556 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:30 pm

Javier Garcia Alarcon wrote:Hello All
I think perhaps i ve reach a solution
I had the same problem with owncloud 9 and owncloud10.
All worked after this steps:
1) Include a dns entry A type as mynameserver.mydomain.xx in A a.b.c.d
2) Configure reverse dns for this
3) Get a Let's encrypt free certificate and install it

An after all works.

Perhaps can help someone... i Think that if you uses a self signed certificate, it does not work and needs a perfect dns setup.

best regards

I was having the same problem for https:// . So I tried finally for the below and works fine.

Code: Select all

zmprov md domain.com  zimbraDriveOwnCloudURL 'http://nextcloud.domain.com/index.php'

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