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Some problems with uploading files

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:39 pm
by StasStryukov
Good day.
Release 8.8.10.GA.3039.UBUNTU16.64 UBUNTU16_64 FOSS edition.
Nextcloud 13
Zimbra drive 8.7.10
I have installed with this manual ... mbra_Drive
It's OK, zimbra drive has connected to nextcloud. I can see the files, remove it and other. But i have some issue with uploading files. When I try to uploud the file >30 Mb after 100% uploading i always have error in zimbra web interface. Little files are upload without problem. What's wrong?

Re: Some problems with uploading files

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:52 am
by StasStryukov
The problem has been solved.
In php.ini I set parameter post_max_size = 500M at nextcloud server. Now I can upload files <500MB.