Introducing Zimbra Connector for Evolution

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Introducing Zimbra Connector for Evolution

Postby 15539sam » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:09 pm

Zimbra Connector for Evolution is now available via subversion on Zimbra's SourceForge site ( The source code has been tested against Evolution 2.6 and Evolution 2.8. It will be tested against the recently released Evolution 2.10 shortly.
Zimbra for Evolution allows two-way, online/offline synchronization of email/addressbook/calendar data. Email is handled through the standard IMAP protocol. AddressBook and Calendar data are handled through Zimbra's SOAP APIs. After installing the plugins and extensions, users can select accounts of type "Zimbra Collaboration Suite", and their emails/contacts/appointments will show up in Evolution.
This is a source code only release. Users will have to download the source from Zimbra's subversion repository and build it themselves. The source code uses the standard autotools package. We've included a shell script called "" which will invoke the various autotools packages and invoke "configure" for you automatically.
After configuring the source, build it by typing in make.
After successfully building the code, invoking make install will copy the various plugins and extensions to the proper locations for use in Evolution. You will have to quit Evolution and re-start it after installing Zimbra for Evolution to begin using the new components.

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