Gallery: upload Zimlets, Themes, & Tools

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Gallery: upload Zimlets, Themes, & Tools

Postby GregA » Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:42 pm

A lot of people have been asking us lately about a central place to share and download new Zimlets, Themes, or other extras/tools.
Good news- we recently added this functionality to Zimbra Gallery! Anyone in the Community can now upload cool and useful things for others to see and use (freely or try/buy, your choice).
Already there are some new themes, the Evo connectors and other scripts- so check it out.

started is pretty easy, you just need to get set up with contribution status.

>> sign:

>> fax to: 1-650-212-0504 (or scan and email to address below)
Please send any questions or comments our way:

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