Advisory: Certain *.xls attachments causing false positives

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Advisory: Certain *.xls attachments causing false positives

Postby king0770 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:18 am

In the last couple of days, Zimbra Support is getting reports that certain *.xls attachments are causing false positives.
In the /var/log/zimbra.log, sites are seeing the following:
Blocked INFECTED (BC.Exploit.CVE_2011_3412)
Zimbra has submitted headers from a couple of false positives.
If you are seeing the 'Blocked INFECTED (BC.Exploit.CVE_2011_3412)' line in zimbra.log, please send the headers of the message to ClamAV.
Clam AntiVirus
ClamAV is a separate company from VMWare/Zimbra, and we will not know when ClamAV will resolve the issue.

Rick King
Zimbra Support Team

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