Intranet sign in

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Intranet sign in

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Hi all,

The place I work hired a contractor to install Zimbra on Centos7 and the project has been delivered.

For reasons unknown to me, certificate configuration and some other things were not included as a deliverable.
So I've come back from leave and had the Zimbra solution handed to me and already there is an issue.

As I said, Zimbra is installed on Centos7, but to administer it I go to the intranet address 'https://ipaddress:7071/zimbraAdmin'.
However, the certificate is not trusted so i get an error on HTTPS (see pic below for details)

The certificate that the browser sees is a self-signed cert which is from the Zimbra server.
I exported that cert and installed it on the local Windows machine I was using, into both the Trusted Root Certification Authority store of the local machine and current user but it still fails.

So I have a feeling that there is more to the configuration then simply importing the cert onto the local machine. Perhaps related to the private key?
I'm not a Linux expert so does anyone know how to get HTTPS working for Zimbra login?

Note: I've searched the forum and also read the installation and admin guide, I can't see any mention of how to do this.
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Re: Intranet sign in

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