Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

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Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

Postby ostsie » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:13 pm

We have wanted to do a zimbra (looked at all versions) a hosted mail solution for many years. Always afraid to jump in and go for it on the open version or couldn't because of cost on the enterprise. We have provided a hosted exchange (possible with our Microsoft partnership). However we would like to bring a more affordable hosted email to our clients and for sure are NOT fans of microsoft would like to do a zimbra solution. The question is what is really envolved to make the open zimbra client ready for a multi-tenant hosted environment? We unfortunately for the goals of this project cant budget the paid versions but would like to bring the core features of what people expect on a hosted email. That in mind what is really entailed to make the open version ready and working for end users?
As a side note we will be using Djigzo as well but that's really a separate issues for the most part.

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Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

Postby Krishopper » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:25 pm

The biggest thing to get the open source edition ready to host email is to create an interface to allow users to manage their accounts (add, delete, etc.). You can create a webapp and use the Zimbra API under the hood to preform those actions.
Other than that, the open source edition will work in a multi-tennant fashion without any issues.
Make sure you have a good backup/disaster-recovery plan set up also.
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Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

Postby ostsie » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:52 pm

We use websitepanel with our hosted exchange. I assumed it integrated with zimbra but i see not. I know it does with smartermail which was our other option if we didnt do open zimbra. So we need a front end app i guess
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Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

Postby Paolo Storti » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:58 am

Hi !

Have you ever take a look to ZeXtras Admin from ZeXtras Suite? We use that on Zimbra OSE !

quote from Zimbra Zimbra Gallery :

[QUOTE]The ZeXtras Admin Module provides a highly configurable 'Delegated Admin' set of ACLs to the Zimbra's Administration Console. Give Delegated Admin permission to any of your users and have full control of what they get to see and change, allowing them to act as an Administrator for their own domain(s). Happier customers and less stressed system administrators: kill two birds with one stone!
ZeXtras Admin key features:
* Delegated Admin management.
* Choose which Delegated Admins can use the "View Mail" button.
* No external Administration Consoles.
* Set the maximum quota that can be assigned to a user by a Domain Admin.
* Set an account limit for each domain in your Zimbra server.
* Per-domain Class of Service management.
* Per-domain mailbox quota management.
* Monthly reports.
* Admin Log Broswing. [/QUOTE]
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Making Zimbra open "client (multi-tenant) ready"

Postby 7531prashant » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:04 am

Zimbra FOSS is well suited to your requirement. Please see the comparison on what is supported with FOSS and NE. Zimbra - Compare Products

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