alma linux

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alma linux

Post by funifuni »

Do you think that we can install Zimbra9 on Alma Linux?
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Re: alma linux

Post by phoenix »

As it's a bug-for-bug rebuild of RHEL 8 why do you think it would be a problem? Why don't you try it and let us know what happens? :)


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Re: alma linux

Post by jered »

As phoenix says, Alma is currently a rebuild of RHEL 8, as is CentOS 8 (until end-of-year). It should just work, but if it breaks you get to keep both pieces.
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Re: alma linux

Post by jrubio »

Hello guys,

I recently tried the installation process on a migrated system from CENTOS 8 to ALMA LINUX but the installer identified it as UNKNOWN_64 platform, so below you can chech the failed output:

This platform is UNKNOWN_64
Packages found: RHEL8_64
This may or may not work.

Using packages for a platform in which they were not designed for
may result in an installation that is NOT usable. Your support
options may be limited if you choose to continue.
You will also be responsible for configuring the system to point
at an appropriate package repository for third party.

Install anyway? [N] y

The system will be modified. Continue? [N] y

Beginning Installation - see /tmp/install.log.XxEMbLZ8 for details...

zimbra-core-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-common-core-jar will be installed.
zimbra-common-core-libs will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-conf will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-conf-attrs will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-conf-msgs will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-conf-rights will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-db will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-docs will be installed.
zimbra-common-mbox-native-lib will be installed.
zimbra-timezone-data will be installed.
zimbra-core will be installed.
zimbra-ldap-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-ldap will be installed.
zimbra-logger will be installed.
zimbra-mta-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-mta will be installed.
zimbra-snmp-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-snmp will be installed.
zimbra-jetty-distribution is missing. ERROR
zimbra-store-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-mbox-admin-console-war will be installed.
zimbra-mbox-conf will be installed.
zimbra-mbox-war will be installed.
zimbra-mbox-service will be installed.
zimbra-mbox-store-libs will be installed.
zimbra-mbox-webclient-war will be installed.
zimbra-store will be installed.
zimbra-apache-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-apache will be installed.
zimbra-spell-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-spell will be installed.
zimbra-memcached is missing. ERROR
zimbra-proxy-components is missing. ERROR
zimbra-proxy will be installed.
zimbra-chat is missing. ERROR

Unable to find missing packages in repository. System is not modified.

[root@mail zcs-8.8.15_GA_3953.RHEL8_64.20200629025823]#
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Re: alma linux

Post by axslingr »

Try this:

Code: Select all

./ --platform-override
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Re: alma linux

Post by jrubio »

I tried the installation using --platform-override, didn't work. Output was posted before. Even I tried also with the zimbra9 installer from zextras, same behavior. Did you install zimbra over Alma Linux successfully? Any screenshot of result?
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Re: alma linux

Post by tr102070 »

Good Morning,

has anyone been able to install Zimbra on Almalinux, I also tried the --platform-override option with no luck, keep getting reported errors posted above.

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Re: alma linux

Post by daniele.antolini »

Here ... ironments/ It Is written:
. While any Linux distribution that is binary compatible with RHEL should work with Zimbra, we perform validation and other Quality Assurance assessments only on a select few. Zimbra will continue to evaluate other Linux distributions that are binary compatible with RHEL, and we will validate one to take the place of CentOS in 2H 2021. We also commit to support Ubuntu 20 in 1H 2021 (adding to our support of Ubuntu 16 and 18).
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Re: alma linux

Post by JDunphy »

I was looking at the check to determine if its RHEL8 in that is called by ... This is from oracle 8 ...

Code: Select all

% cat /etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.3 (Ootpa)
So perhaps create it with the above to see how far you can go. If you are sure its binary compatible than I would think this would make it work without having to use the platform override until your next OS upgrade.

Ref: bin/

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Re: alma linux

Post by ianw1974 »

My Zimbra Build Scripts now support AlmaLinux. I did the same as what I did with Rocky when Zimbra hadn't accepted the pull request that had been submitted. Builds for AlmaLinux also exist on my site. Link to build scripts: when Zimbra do patch their zm-build repo, I can then remove my temporary fix that allows building for AlmaLinux.
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