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What happens after zimbra 8.8.15?

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What happens after zimbra 8.8.15?

Postby phili67 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:57 pm

Good evening,
I'm using zimbra 8.8.15 CE since so many years.
When zimbra 8.8.15 support will be finished what to do next?
Can we upgrade to version 9.x and still be free?
If not what are the restrictions?
If not, what about Carbonio CE?
Thanks to everyone,

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Re: What happens after zimbra 8.8.15?

Postby 7224jobe » Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:01 am

Hi, +1 for your question. What is the future of Zimbra Community Edition after 8.8.15? It will be supported until 12/31/2023, and then?

At the moment Zimbra 9 Community Edition is not packaged by Zimbra, you have to build your own packages or rely on someone else's build (there are a few links here in the forums).

Moreover, there should be a Zimbra 10 released on Q4 2022, as stated here: ... lifecycle/ , but I do not see any announcements so far.

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