Migration Issue

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Migration Issue

Postby wmustafa728 » Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:24 am

I Have been trying to configure HA on Zimbra8.0.6 on Ubuntu By zmztozmig.conf

DomainMap=zimbra1.test.xyz zimbra.test.xyz
DomainMap=google.com yahoo.com
Domains=zimbra1.test.xyz, zimbra.test.xyz
Types=message, conversation, contact, appointment, task, briefcase

It is not getting any results
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: ****************SUMMARY**************************
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: Total Accounts processed : 0
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: Successfull Accounts : 0
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: Failed accounts : 0
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: Total Migration Time(seconds) : 0.0
[INFO|main:1| 03/20/2021 13:23:48]: *************************************************

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Re: Migration Issue

Postby phoenix » Sat Mar 20, 2021 12:16 pm

The first problem you need to address is the fact you're using an old version of ZCS that has some serious bugs/vulnerabilities - you should get that upgraded ASAP to the most recent version then revisit the H/A configuration.

BTW, the zmztozmig is not an H/A solution it's a migration tool.


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Re: Migration Issue

Postby wmustafa728 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:02 am

This issue was resolved by making changes in zmztozmzconfig file specifically the domain map method. it is from target domain to source domain.

a. Enter Source/Old zimbra old domain FQDN
b. Enter Source/Old zimbra Admin name
c. Enter Source/Old zimbra Admin Password
d. Enter Source/Old zimbra SourceAdminPort (By default: 7071)
e. Enter New zimbra old domain FQDN
f. Enter New zimbra Admin name
g. Enter New zimbra Admin Password
h. Enter New zimbra SourceAdminPort (By default: 7071)
i. Change KeepSuccessFiles=False
j. (DomainMap=TargetDomain SourceDomain) DomainMap=zimbra.test.xyz zimbra1.test.xyz
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Re: Migration Issue

Postby brsoftech01 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:05 am

i have same issue can some plz
for zimbra upgradation
1. we make a separate test server as
centos 6
and stop both server and rsync old to new with /opt/zimbra
and install its running version on old server that is 8.0.3
that same version we install on new machine after rsync
fix permission as per given document
and start it working to send and receive mail etc
then we upgrade this to 8.0.4 its also running and successful upgrade
then we upgrade this to 8.0.5 its also running and successful upgrade

so we decide to upgrade its old running zimbra 8.0.3 to same pattern
so we download its next version 8.0.4 from zimbra download archive
and run install.sh after unzip
at ask some question and db integrity check and then ask or modify or no
so we question yes to upgrade
after some time we saw that nothing happen screen go stuck very very long time
then its show upgrade failed message
after i moved that old /opt/zimbra folder to /opt/zimbra_old_org
and install fresh 8.0.5 and its working then we decide to synch new old server beacuse both have same version (why we do because we have get some data ot old one)
then we stop both server and then run rsync command
after rsync command running full and exit
then we change permission( /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms --verbose --extended)
then run. that time its not run its showing mailboxd not running
but our test server is running
i can share zimbra.log and mailbox.log and zmmailboxd.out or which log u want just ask me


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