Sync Outlook 2019 (Exchange) -> Zimbra

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Sync Outlook 2019 (Exchange) -> Zimbra

Postby sarab » Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:48 pm

Hi! :)

At work we are migrating from an old Exchange to Zimbra in these weeks.
We used IMAP protocol, and I had no problems with Outlook 2019 initially. But after 2 weeks my oldest emails into ...\"subfolder" (sorted in "Recived"\"many subfolders" and "Sent"\"many subfolders") started to disappear.
I already tried to redo the "folders subscription" but nothing changed.
So I checked my web interface in Zimbra: these emails are present here, but not visibles in Outlook 2019 (in my client).

Anyone can help us? :?:

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