Potential Bug: MTA may not start with zmcontrol

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Re: Potential Bug: MTA may not start with zmcontrol

Postby JDunphy » Mon May 13, 2019 3:39 pm

Update I received confirmation that today they closed the pull request so we are getting closer... Thank you to Robert Scheck who had one fix and pull request since Aug 2018 and pushed this through with pure determination. He wouldn't let it sit. I had given up myself and was happy to go it alone with my fix. I don't know how many man hours have been wasted on this but I would not be surprised if it's measured in the 10,000's of hours over the years when you understand the amplification effect of end users receiving errors on sending email, admins debugging it and call centers notified by can't send email because zimbra's mta start never started postfix. Simple to reproduce but never got enough focus and traction to warrant a quick turn around for such a fatal bug and simple fix.

If anyone from Zimbra or a Zimbra partner wants to improve the process, please show them this thread for ZBUG-798. They should strive to do better.

New Bug reporting:

I am not sure what was accomplished by the new bug reporting system allowing paying customers only to report bugs. I guess I should feel special but what I actually feel is a little sad for the community. Let everyone report bugs for the product and everyone can experience a better product as a result. I will leave a final observation - A successful test is when you find a bug but perhaps that is too old school these days.

BTW, I will add 'Solved' to the title of this thread after I see the patch so the timer is still running. :-)

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