Scheduled filters?

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Scheduled filters?

Postby rtkluttz » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:46 pm

I need a way to do continuous automated cleanup on about 200 email boxes for very non-technical savvy users. Zimbra so far seems to just simply not have the tools to do this in any way... not even as workarounds. Hopefully the knowledge here can provide workarounds or prove me wrong.

Here is an example of the need:

1) I need to run a filter against an entire COS --> No global filters... possible workaround just copy a filter to all those users uggh
2) I need to schedule that filter to run nightly because the filter will primarily run against mail that already exists in the users mailboxes --> No way to schedule, no workaround
3) I need that filter to be able to be defined with a RELATIVE date set such as anything older than 30 days old. Not a fixed calendar date, otherwise the filter would have to be deleted and recreated or at least modified before each run. --> no way to do, relative dates only seem to work in searches (before:-30days as an example)

Here is an example rule in plain language. I need all items with an attachment that were sent to a specific email address to be kept no longer than 1 week. A nightly run of the rule should find everything that ages out at 1 week old meeting the attachment and recipient portion of the rule.

Similarly I need all emails with attachments older than 30 days deleted from the mailboxes no matter who they are from or to.

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