Empty "top senders" on zmdailyreport

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Empty "top senders" on zmdailyreport

Postby nwildner » Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:48 pm


It's been a while that our Zimbra daily mail report is showing "none" on Top 50 senders(size and message count).

Config is pretty much default, and i can't trace back to where it started. Last thing i've done on this server was to apply april's patch(p14) on Zimbra 8.6.


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top 50 Senders by message count: none

top 50 Recipients by message count
   2442   mail1@domain.com.br
   1741   mail2@domain.com.br
   1631   mail3@domain.com.br
   1608   mail4@domain.com.br

top 50 Senders by message size: none

top 50 Recipients by message size
  78090k  mail4@domain.com.br
  60654k  mail10@domain.com.br
  52406k  mail7@domain.com.br
  51884k  mail3@domain.com.br

Is there a parameter or config that would supress sender message count or sender statistics?

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