Zimbra Open Source migration to Docker.

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Zimbra Open Source migration to Docker.

Postby yohoho » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:28 pm

Hi, my name is Jason

Please read this step by step to understand
1. I am currently using Zimbra Open Source Edition on my dad's company VPS.
2. I use reverse proxy, et cetera to integrate Zimbra with NextCloud. In short, it is dirty but it works.
3. It has reach 50 GB of usage and no running backup.
4. I try to distance myself from my dad's influence.

I am planning to migrate my Zimbra to Alibaba Cloud.

htop output for Zimbra roughly use 4,2 GB of Memory (at 00:57)
df output for Zimbra roughly 50 GB in 1 year.

It means I must allocate $18.00/month for Alibaba Cloud to run Zimbra.

My questions are
1. What's the minimum memory requirements for Zimbra? I will disable everything except Mail Server.

2. Are there any alternative for Mail Server?
I love Zimbra multi-tenant system [It enables me to help my friends own a mail with his own domain; yay!]. But, Zimbra incompatibility with NextCloud to be hosted on one machine is quite a big headache for me at the time [recently, I decided to drop NextCloud due to loss data, I decided not to provide Cloud for my employee; they can use Google Drive on their own]. I heard that iRedMail is lightweight.

3. Is Zimbra Open Source 8.7.11 stable? I will follow this article to use Docker https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Deploy_Zim ... ing_docker and to migrate https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Steps_To_R ... tion_steps

4. What's the minimum memory needed for 6 people?
Continuous email with heavy attachment between Monday-Thursday at 9 AM - 6 PM, considering we will stop using Calendar, and else.

5. Does 4 GB of memory an overkill for 6 people using the Mail Server?
We send 6 work documents per day on average to our contractor, we're a general contractor.

6. Does Zimbra backup for Open Source is not supported? I am having hard time to properly backup my server.

Thank you,

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