Is the problem smtp2go or Contabo?

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Is the problem smtp2go or Contabo?

Postby elderf » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:12 am

Greetings to all ... I would like to consult you about the following and please request your help and comments ..

In Contabo I have 1 VPS and a Dedicated Server both with zimbra 8.8.15 (opensource) with centos 7 installed and working perfectly.

I decided to change the smtp relay to smtp2go since apparently hotmail does not like contabo ip addresses and there is no way that the emails sent to hotmail do not reach the spam folder.

The problem is that smtp2go works perfectly with the zimbra installed in the VPS, the emails are sent without any problem through the relay .. but not in the dedicated server, there is no way for it to send through the relay, the configuration is exactly the same ..

Contact smtp2go support and they tell me that the IP of the dedicated server disconnects immediately and cannot send according to their tracking logs

Run an mtr to mail and attach the results.

Thank you

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