How can I create a mail filter globally by domain?

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How can I create a mail filter globally by domain?

Postby GlooM » Thu Sep 02, 2021 10:56 am


I had a need to use a mail filter, like the one that is configured in users mailboxes. The filter that can perform various actions (delete, put in a folder, forward and other actions) according to various criteria (subject of the message, sender, recipient and other fields) . But the problem is that I need to implement such a filter not for a specific mailbox, but to set criteria and actions globally by domain for all users. How can I implement such a function?

At the moment, the task has been received to delete all incoming emails containing a certain pattern in the "from" field. The customizable filter in the mailbox perfectly copes with this task! However, I need a centralized filter setup for the entire domain.

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