Separate S/MIME user certs for ID and Encryption?

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Separate S/MIME user certs for ID and Encryption?

Postby btrent98 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:45 pm

I'm experimenting with enabling S/MIME signing and encryption via the v8.8.15 web mailer, but our certificate issuer (ORC) generates 2 separate certificates for each user: one for ID and one for encryption. I added the ORC CA root and intermediate certs on the back end with "zmcertmgr addcacert" and I'm able to add a user certificate in the web mailer under "Preferences, Secure email", but I appear to be able to only add one cert per account.

I added my ID cert and I can send signed emails just fine but, of course, I can't encrypt as I don't seem to be able to load that second certificate. Am I missing something, or does the web mailer only allow one cert per user?

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