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'smart' user provisioning and other sugestions for ehancements

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:22 am
by antonio.meireles
a) Is there any way builtin (scriptable) in to get the exact amount of disk quota a user is using ?

b) once that value is gotten could i (to avoid drop mail if an user exceeds the max value) define a procedure (scriptlets ?) in order to once a given value (say 90% of max) is achived the user can continue to receive mail (until 100% or other given value - say 125% ) but *not* sending *until* he cleans his mailbox ? if yes how?
another sugestion... allow the spell check language, and the UI language, to be user selectable please. Should be trivial to implement...
yet another sugestion... why concentrate in this foruns all the discussions regarding zimbra ? The amount of available info starts to be big enough to justify IMHO a more structured approach like a wiki, beeing the foruns for more 'borderline'/interactive questions/issues...

Keep the amazing work
Best Regards...

P.S. I realized that maybe i have posted in thw wrong forum :( If yes could a forum admin move this thread to the Developers forum plz...

'smart' user provisioning and other sugestions for ehancements

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 11:02 am
by 14319KevinH
a) You could juse use su to get the usage of their message directory. Of course it's still not perfect since with hardlinking messages are shared with other users.
b) Well Zimbra laready enforces quota's so not sure why you'd want to build this yourself.
For multi-language spell check we'd need to set up more dictionaires. We plan to do this in the future.
Wiki - We've thought about this and/or a Knowledge Base. It would also let us version the comments per version of Zimbra.