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Outlook sync client

Postby dkbk » Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:56 am

[quote user="dkbk"]This might be a bit premature but has anybody tested the blackberry sync setup with the new zcs 7 beta yet ?
What was the outcome ?
I'd love to test it myself but I don't currently have a spare server to run my tests on.[/QUOTE]
Sorry for the double post but I believe this deserves a separate post.
I can confirm that my tests have been uncessful so far under zcs 7.0.0. I've tested it under funambol 9 and the latest zimbra connector (6.0.2) and it fails. I'm willing to help devs of the connector debug if neccessary. Simply PM me.
From my BB, the plugin fails after trying to upload its first 20 entries in contacts and calendar. Looking at the debug log, communication between the BB and the funambol server seems to work as normal and users get automatically added to funambol as in the past on first connect but no data is shared between zcs and the bb leading me to suspect the connector. The funambol Demo client from within the server works as it should but has empty data (I can't recall if it had the zimbra data or not in the past when it was properly set up).

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