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Re: How to remove this Pop-Up from Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:31 am
by Sander
randomizedname wrote:I've report this problem to zimbra support. They sent me a link to the unreleased ZimbraConnectorOLK_8.8.12.1814_x86.msi which seems to solve the problem, at least the pop-up is gone. I just wondering why you haven't report this issue to zimbra support when it appeared?

We opened a support ticket on november 2018, after some messages from the support we did not receive any answer since several months, we reminded on march and may-> no answer . this is the support.

BTW we don't need a "beta" nor a unreleased connector: we want a reliable solution because outlook 2013 is a supported application.