Apple iCal .ics file -> Outlook shows no attendees

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Apple iCal .ics file -> Outlook shows no attendees

Postby dmaddock » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:23 pm

We have Zimbra setup for Calendar services only, mail is handled by external system (currently) :)
Using both the ISync connector for iCal and the Outlook connector for Outlook 2010.
While I don't think this is an issues in the Zimbra components, being client agnostic as Zimbra is, I thought I would ask here first as people using Zimbra like to use different clients.

When a meeting is created in the Apple iCal calendar (synced with Zimbra server) and Attendees are added, the .ics file that is sent to attendees is correctly interpreted by people using Thunderbird/Lightning clients, but Outlook clients don't see the attendees.
Looking at the .ics file, it is identical for each recipient client in terms of content.
What I have noticed is that the iCAL .ics file is word wrapped at about 74 characters.

For the ATTENDEE entry, this causes the data to be wrapped to multiple lines.
ATTENDEE;CN="Some Guy";CUTYPE=INDIVIDUAL;EMAIL="someguy1234@domain.



If I edit the .ics file and remove the wrapping, the file imports into Outlook with no problems.
This makes me think it is an issue with EOL characters and the differences between what Outlook thinks they should be, and what the rest of the world thinks they should be.
Does anybody know of a way to either automatically manipulate the .isc file generated by iCal to not wordwrap, or change the EOL character, before it is sent (perhaps Apple Script), or how to get Outlook to accept the world according to how everyone else sees it. (eg read the EOL characters correctly).

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