Duplicate contacts through CardDav interface

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Duplicate contacts through CardDav interface

Postby mfehr » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:37 pm

Since I upgraded to 8.0.1, I noticed that some (only some) contacts suddenly appear between 80 and 93 times per address in my address book. It only affects one account (yet) and within this account, just 5 addresses that all have been created recently. I once deleted the duplicate entries. 2 days later, they were back again.
I sync this address book from a multiple of devices / OS's:

Address book on Mac OS X 10.8

Address book on Mac OS X 10.7

Address book on iPhone

Address book on iPad
I manage the address book on all of these devices as needed. It worked fine with older versions of Zimbra (7.x and 6.x). The only issue I face with address book sync is that some images get lost through sync operations. I suspect this is related to a sync issue between one of the 4 address books syncing with the server. Is this a known bug or what is the best way to trace this problem?

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