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Fail to share ICS calendars

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:20 pm
by edouard_duliege

I have a Zimbra instance running at a service provider, the version is 8.8.15_GA_3928.FOSS and Zextras plugins.

The users need to sync their data on their smartphone using ActiveSync. They also need to share calendars with read only access, both with other users of the instance and with external users. These calendars have to be sync by the owner using ActiveSync.

The first thing I tried was to share A's calendar with B using "edit properties" (easy), and have this calendar synced by B using ActiveSync. This turns out to be impossible since EAS need RW rights.

So I tried adding A's calendar to B using the "add external calendar". A shares a calendar as public, I copy the URL of the ICS, which is ... ndar_A.ics. I then used B account, and I go add external calendar, iCAL, paste the forementionned ICS URL. I then hit enter and I get this error message (poorly translated from French, sorry about that): Cannot retrieve data. PLease check that the URL is a RSS/ATOM thread.

From that discussion I understand that the problem comes from the fact that by default local IPs are blacklisted, and I should add it to the whitelist zimbra_feed_manager_whitelist ; is that correct? Is there something I missed?

Thank you very much,

Re: Fail to share ICS calendars

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 8:16 am
by edouard_duliege
So the solution I found was to disable the folder sync setting, and share them using the sharing tool of the Zimbra interface.

then on the client side: Davx5 on Android, use ics link on Thunderbird, still digging in for Outlook but there seems to be an addon that does the job.