Multiple User's Mail Going to One Mailbox

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Multiple User's Mail Going to One Mailbox

Postby harryalder » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:46 pm

I just installed Zimbra Desktop in hopes of using it as my sole Mail Client. I entered one account with my name and tested the receive portion of the email system. Both send and receive are setup using SSL with ports 995 and 465, chose Verify and Save. The email was pulled from the POP server just fine. I proceeded to setup the second user mailbox for this workstation. I used the same settings as mine except for the username, password, and email address. I sent an email to her account and waited for it to arrive. It never did so I closed the desktop app and reopened it. When I did this her email was in my inbox. I have rechecked the settings and I don't see anything wrong. I also have searched the forums and I don't find anything there. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.


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