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Shared Contact Groups

Postby chads » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:40 pm

I am currently running ZCS 8.7.0.GA.1659.UBUNTU14.64 Network Edition along with Zimbra Desktop 7.27 GA (build 12059).

I have an email account that is used for sharing of contacts within the organization which is shared out to various users. Within this email account I have contact folders with email addresses along with a contact group that has all the email addresses that are in the contact folder (i.e.,, etc and a contact group with all these email addresses as well), so that users can use the contact group to send email to all users within that particular company division. This used to work no problem when we were running an old version ZCS 7.27, I believe. But this no longer functions. Within Zimbra Desktop the shared contact folder has all the correct information (i.e. all the email addresses), but the contact group is empty, it contains none of the email addresses that were specified from the shared account. This however does work within "webmail", just not Zimbra Desktop.

Wondering if there is a work around or if this is a bug in Zimbra Desktop and if it is going to be fixed.


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